Sunday, November 09, 2008

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The American people. As they elected Barack Obama on a landlide, they shattered all the lazy stereotypes about 'racist American rednecks' in a single moment. Now, in the words of The Times' William Rees-Mogg, they elected the most liberal president since 1960.

Carla Bruni. Discussing Berlusconi's faux pas (see below), she called a spade a spade. "When I hear Silvio Berlusconi making light of the event and joking about the fact that Obama is 'always tanned', it feels strange to me, but these are the things that make me glad of no longer being Italian", she said.

Fiona McIntosh in the Mirror gets it right discussing the skyrocketing of anti-social behaviour in our state schools. As Lambeth Council proposes to give unruly kids "foot massages to 'release energy blockages', the Mirror columnists explains why something different altogether is needed. Especially when the figures consist of a "rollcall of shame [that] includes 890 five-year-olds, 420 four-year-olds and 140 three-year-olds who physically assaulted an adult at school last year".


Silvio Berlusconi. The Italian PM's reaction to Obama's election was to praise his "suntan". And then he went on to call "imbeciles without a sense of humour" those who criticised his choice of words...Then he wonders why the world thinks he's a joke.

Joan Smith in the Independent confirms the left's very own capacity to squabble before they even begin and spot negatives everywhere they look. Obama is "not" a true liberal, she writes. He "is confused about the role of religion in public life". Fuckin hell.

Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail, you know that guy with mad eyes you occasionally spot on Question Time. This is his analysis of America, a country that allegedly invaded "far-off deserts" because it was "scared of confronting Left-wing teachers and sexual revolutionaries at home". I wonder why he thinks Britain joined in? To distract people away from fortnightly rubbish collections? Don't put it past him because, in Hitchens' words, the election of Barack Obama signals "the long slow descent into the Third World".


thepatriot said...

Berlusconi has been elected FOUR times by the Italians. Were I lucky enough to be one of them. I'd be worried now.

Hayden said...

Peter Hitchens is a weirdo. He always writes weird shite.