Saturday, May 29, 2010

David Laws: "The years of plenty are over"

A new politics, eh? Minister in charge of reducing government spending apologises after being caught red handed with taxpayers' money.

Remember last year's mega MPs' expenses scandal, the outrage and all the promises of a brand new politics?

Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws MP must be a clairvoyant. Four days ago he publicly pontificated that "the years of plenty are over".

Sure, he was only referring to the public sector, as he illustrated the "shockwave" of £6.2bn worth of cuts across government spending.

But look at the irony. The famously loaded former investment banker has now been caught red-handed using taxpayers' money (£40,000 over a period of five years- £950 a month) to rent rooms in two properties owned by his secret partner. He said he'll pay back immediately. Indeed, "the years of plenty" appear to be over for him.

For the record, David Laws is one of the LibDems' most prominent "orange bookers", that is to say the free-market wing of the party which strongly advocates a much smaller role for the state.

Like the Telegraph remarked, Laws is the man "charged with rescuing the Government's finances". Keep the faith.


Madam Miaow said...

The years of plenty are over for the working and middle classes. Not for those who rule us.

Tesco and BP can post huge profits with no increase in taxes. Bankers still make huge bonuses.

We appear to be run by a criminal class. Even the former Attorney Generl "overclaimed" by £170,000 on her expenses. Nice work if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

OK. He gaot caught, but I fear this is going to be another vehicle for anti Lib Dem feelings