Monday, May 10, 2010

Right-wing rags change tack on Clegg

Britain's tabloids don't do dignity. A week ago the Lib Dems were portrayed as more dangerous than a night on the lash with Peter Sutcliffe and Ian Brady.

A hectic day today with Gordon Brown's resignation and both Tories and Labour losing remaining shreds of dignity by offering more "electoral reform" pledges by the minute in a bid to woo the LibDems.

Talking of which. Have you noticed how gentle and relaxed Britain's right-wing rags have turned towards Nick Clegg and the LibDems?

A week ago, Nick Clegg was a non-Brit, the collateral descendent of a Russian spy, a con, a eurocrat, a liar, a thief, a wifebeater, you name it...

Now that the Conservatives are desperately trying to cut an agreement (purely because they fucked up a double-digit lead in the last four months through sheer ineptitude), our friends at the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Express have all gone soft on the previously-hated Liberal Democrats.

No skeletons in the cupboard, no libellous revelations, no accusations of being Fred West's hidden brother.

Wait and see. In Clegg decides to prop up a "progressive alliance", guaranteed it'll be poisonous great-great-aunts and trecherous foreign wives all over again.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me that so much of the population swallows the horse shit the rags feed them on a daily basis.

FlipC said...

What no Daily Mail headline of "Cameron's deal with foreigner" or "Cameron talks to wife-beater"?

Anyone would think our fine tabloids were flighty flip-floppers.

FlipC said...

Ah my apologies The Daily Mail has decided to call Clegg "two-faced" instead; one will see how soon that changes should they end up in bed with the Conservatives.

FlipC said...

Gods you have to love them, front page of the Mail - "There was one sticky moment when Mr. Cameron was reminded by a tactless journalist that he had once described his new coalition partner as 'my favourite political joke'."

Wasn't the Mail's by any chance?