Thursday, May 06, 2010

If the Tories win, these people will be smiling...

Rupert Murdoch, multi-millionaire media monopolist.

Simon Cowell, multi-millionaire Emperor of Trash.

Richard Littlejohn, most spiteful tabloid columnist in history.

Jeremy "Big-Cars-Make-Me-A-Man" Clarkson.

Lord Ashcroft, multi-millionaire tax avoider.

Jan Moir, homophobic columnist.

[...and this is just a quick selection...]

May 6, 2010: don't forget it.


BiluĊ› said...

Dear Claude,

Do you have any tips as to what I might do tomorrow morning to banish these smiling ghouls from my mind..?

Yours, Worried of Edgbaston

claude said...

I'm afraid I was gonna ask you the same thing...I admit the mere idea of Littlejohn, Clarkson, Norman Tebbit and the likes waking up all sprightly and self-righteous tomorrow does make me want to retch.

Paul said...

Get drunk?

asquith said...

Incidentally, what happened to this BNP surge Paul & his mates were predicting? I thought the "white working class" were all going to leap into their arms? Could we lay this myth to rest now, eh?

Because as a working-class person, I get quite pissed off on my own behalf & that of my mates, none of whom are the thick racists that we're assumed to be by right-wing "journalists" who would never go near where we live in a million years.

My contituency stayed Labour (as did the whole city), obviously I didn't vote for her & I wouldn't have supported anyone on the government side, but I suppose if we are going to have Labour MPs it should be her rather than any of the other cunts on the red benches.

Paul said...

I didn't predict a BNP surge nor would I welcome one.