Saturday, May 15, 2010

More jobs went to UK nationals in 2009...

...But don't expect the Mail and the Express to write anything about it...

Good piece by BBC home editor Mark Easton on his blog. The headline ("British jobs for foreign workers") may be a bit ambiguous, but the content is clear.

In spite of the galloping hysteria we see on a daily basis on our right-wing tabloids, the share of British jobs going to UK nationals has actually started to go up again.

Easton explains that, after peaking in 2007, immigration figures began to go down again. He compared figures from 2008, when 91.9 per cent of jobs were held by UK nationals, with those from 2009. Last year, British nationals made up 92.1 per cent of the UK job market.

Non-EU workers took 4.4 per cent of the share and EU ones 3.5%.

Rest assured though, Daily Star, Express, or Daily Mail readers. You're unlikely to ever find out.

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