Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Air France wreckage spotted in the Atlantic

...But given that experts have ruled out the lighning strikes option, how can a plane vanish from radar screens just like that? It has been reported that the plane had entered turbulence, but no distress signal was ever sent. The BBC is talking of "Mystery surrounding Air France flight".

All seemed normal when the plane left Brazilian radar contact at about 11 p.m. Brazilian time. The aircraft flew past the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, 180 miles off Brazil's coastal city of Natal, and then failed to make final radio contact with Brazil.

According to the Telegraph: "A hijack was quickly dismissed and although Air France was unable to conclusively rule out terrorism, Pentagon officials said that there was no indication of a deliberate attack". That will probably turn out to be the case. But, as it stands -without a black box- why are they so certain?

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