Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crash And The City

Green shoots explained.

Today's Guardian features two excellent pieces that explain how helpless governments are -and always will be- when placed in front of the City's masters of the universe. Now we know why there are increasing talks of 'green shoots'.

"Return of the gravy train- did the Crash really change the City at all?", a report by Dan Roberts and Philip Inman, explains that ginormous bonuses and soaring profits never really went away. They just kept their head down for five minutes and now are back fatter than ever.

Similarly, Julia Finch writes about "The new City buzzword: BAB (that's Bonuses are Back)", a situation made the more obvious by the recently revealed £15m pay package of Stephen Hester, CEO of part-nationalised RBS, just in case he doesn't feel sufficiently "incentivised".

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