Sunday, June 28, 2009

Letts and the issues that matter

(h/t Bob Piper)

That ridiculous Cambridge-educated Harry Potter lookalike, Quentin Richard Stephen Letts, has now written four articles (4) in a week about Bercow's election as Speaker of the Commons.

It just shows his grasp of issues that matter to the common man.

Because no doubt, in every pub in the country, in ever working men's club, mess room, shopfloor and university corridor, people are talking about nothing else. Bercow, Bercow, Bercow.

If he carries on this way, Quentin Once-We-Had-An-Empire Letts is going to bore the shit out of Daily Mail readers. And then no amount of titties selected by editor-in-chief Dacre will be enough to offset Letts' tedious ramblings.

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