Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blears and Smith resign!

New Labour's own Titanic moment one step closer

Yes! Two of the most slavish ministers ever known to man have finally handed in their notice. After yesterday's announcement from Jacqui Smith, here comes Hazel Blears -recently involved in a storm over claims that she avoided capital gains tax over a property sale.

But after twelve long years of blind obedience to their masters, the pair may need a new bum to pass the tongue over.

In the meantime, we eagerly await for the other drudge, Geoff Hoon, to follow suit. Yesterday he apologised for his 'expenses error', but it's not his fault. It was surely a case of "invalid path" or "win32 error" when he was being programmed.

More on Hazel Blears here.

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