Friday, June 19, 2009

A proposal to rescue British Airways

Working for free: oh the joy.

You may have heard that British Airways, fresh from record operating profits worth £875 million in 2008, is asking 40,000 staff to do unpaid work for up to a month because of their current financial turmoil.

And while the world is rejoicing at the safety prospects of planes serviced and maintained by people motivated by working for no dosh, CEO Willie Walsh, is leading by example.

He announced he'll generously forgo his monthly salary of £61,000 in July, which means he may have to struggle with his bills as the poor soul only netted an additional payment of £1m at the end of 2008.

So, instead of moaning, here's what British Airways should do. Send a dismissal letter to Willie Walsh. His staff will take the month's pay of £61,000 that he's is giving up and then work the rest of the year for free.

That should rescue the company alright and keep everybody happy.

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