Monday, June 01, 2009

Help this man

Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr show was the display of a man coming apart.

His party is plunging lower and lower in the opinion polls - set for an amazing slaughter at the forthcoming European elections. He's presided over a gargantuan debt-based speculative bubble followed by "the biggest economic crisis in 60 years" ("no more boom and bust") and now the spectacular MPs' expenses crisis. All under his watch.

His arse, in fact, has been firmly tucked into the two top seats in the country for over twelve years. Chancellor while his mate Tony Baloni was Emperor of Cool Britannia and then Prime Minister when the Emperor showed remarkable timing skills by jumping ship before it sank.

Normally when you have ailing Prime Ministers clinging on to power, they come up with the irritating though understandable formula that: "I was given a popular mandate at the last elections".

But of course unelected Gordon Brown can't say that. So this is what he mouthed yesterday on the Andrew Marr Show when he was asked whether he realises that "this game is over [and] it's time to stand aside":

"I'm dealing with the issues at hand. I'm dealing with the economy every day. I'm spending my time with the Chancellor".

Unbelievable? WTF? That's what we thought as well. Brown's answer was the one of somebody in urgent need of help.

Especially because -throughout the interview- he was acting as if he'd just been catapulted over from some virginal political realm. Mumbling something about "constitutional reform" as if he hadn't had the time, the will and a massive majority to push anything through in the past TWELVE years. Playing "the offended Presbyterian" who wants to "clean up the system" as if the system had not been led all along by "the pretty straight sort of guys".

Someone help Gordon Brown. The man's lost it.

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Patrick Gray said...

Watched the Andrew Marr show yesterday as I had to get up particularly early (lazy bum arent i). Gordy's performance was truly embarrassing. the man clearly has no grasp of what's going on in the outside world. Perhaps he's surrounded by people who tell him the wrong things, who knows. But i agree with this piece here: g=the guy's lost it.