Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Automatic, This Is A Fix

A review

Written off as one-hit wonders after the massive success of 2007's Monster, Welsh band The Automatic are back to confound their critics. Their second album is a musical masterpiece. Spearheaded by grand single Steve McQueen (not to be confused with the celebrated album by 80s indie outfit Prefab Sprout), it presses the right buttons from the get-go. The twelve tracks on the album are a selection of corkers, with only one (Make the Mistakes) sounding a little weak and unconvincing.

Initially described as a "Nine Inch Nails meets System of a Down", This Is A Fix is indeed beefier, relentless and more immediate than The Automatic's debut album, with melodies aplenty and almost pop in places. Their recent line-up change, with Paul Mullen replacing Alex Pennie on guitar, seems to have worked in the band's favour. Just listen to stand-out tracks Magazines, Accessories and the grumpy Secret Police to get an idea of the band's full potential.

[This Is A Fix is out now on iTunes]

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finnan said...

overrated pile of crap