Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Double murder in Ladywood

The bodies of two women were discovered yesterday at a flat in Ryland Street, Ladywood. According to Sky News, the bodies were found by "the building's concierge following concerns from their family members. The identies of the women hasn't been made public, but it's believed they are both in their early 20s.

A 28-year-old man was arrested as he was in the process of boarding a ferry in Dover. As reported by the Guardian, the police claim he's connected to one of the women and "they're not looking for anyone else" at the moment.

The Birmingham Post offers the opinions of Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Mirfield. He said: "We believe at at this stage at least one or more weapons had been used", adding that the scene was "particularly challenging forensically".
The Telegraph comes up with a slightly different angle, with the headline "Bodies of two women found in Birmingham flat after party", reporting accounts of a "big party" that allegedly took place over the weekend at the same flat. The Times has the reactions of a number of residents, some of which complained of not having been kept informed by the police.

Last, the BBC West Midlands website reports the opinion of Reverend Simon Ramsay, of the Unitarian New Meeting church in Ryland Street. Ramsey described the immediate area as a "mixture of foreign students and business people" and talked of the "great disparity" between the "luxury" apartments where the murders seem to have taken place and the nearby inner-city deprived areas.

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