Friday, September 26, 2008

Katy Perry, One of the Boys

The woman who makes Avril Lavigne look genuine.

The NME branded her "as alternative as a Bratz doll with a safety pin through its nose" and for anybody over the age of twelve (or, for that matter, any schoolkid who doesn't spend his day jerking off) it should be hard to disagree. This 22-year-old Californian, raised on a diet of bread, church and gospel, stole the limelight of Summer '08 with her songs flooding TV programmes, adverts and supermarkets. What better marketing tool than two songs about homosexuality coming from the daughter of two pastors. You may not recover from the shock.

One of the boys is actually Perry's second CD; the first was a selection of Christian gospel songs that went unnoticed. But when Perry met producers Greg Wells (Mika, One Republic) in 2007, she (?) opted for a radical makeover. Not afraid to parade her knockers, this wanna-be is now utterly convinced she is a "rock chick", perhaps a "riot grrrrrl" and she'd probably agree if you told her that "she ain't taking no shit".

The crass, wince-inducing, attention-seeking hit I Kissed a Girl (which topped Billboard 100 in June with the highly stimulating chorus "I kissed a girl and I liked it I kissed a girl just to try it") raised a few eyebrows for its references to promiscuity and homosexuality. Controversy to sell records? Wow, what next: guitars with strings???
Waking up in Vegas makes McFly sound like consumate rock'n'rollers, while second single Thinking of You goes: "Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you" and "You said there's tons of fish in the water so the waters I will tests". What a naughty, naughty, rock chick.

Ur So Gay must be the most irritating song of the year. "You're so gay, you're so gay. You walk around like you're oh so debonair". No wonder Madonna hailed it as one of her favourite. Described as Perry's revenge against her ex-boyfriend, it's basically about him dumping her (never too late, mate) and Perry calling him gay cos she's pissed off. You get the general idea of the level. Incidentally, what would happen if the word "gay" was replaced by "black"?

Katy Perry: she makes Avril Lavigne look real.

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