Monday, September 15, 2008

Yahoo, my arse (PART TWO)

More on Yahoo a.k.a the Bermuda triangle of e-mail accounts
Last week we wrote about Yahoo! Answers very strange routine of randomly (and robotically) deleting people's accounts for no apparent reason. Here are some extracts of other people's experiences with and theories about Y!A and the case of the amazing disappearing email addresses.

Alvaro wrote:
"I had my account deleted. Someone on Yahoo! Answers made a comment about homosexuality not being a transgression against God. I listed several Bible verses which refuted the comment and made a few comments of my own and was suspended from all of Yahoo, including Yahoo Mail".

Mom of Scrappy wrote:
"Yep. It's overrunned by trolls just reporting for no reason and they get your accounts deleted. Y!A doesn't look at your appeals, It's all computerised. There are people that were at the highest level and had never gotten a violation notice in 5 years, then all of a sudden were getting 20-30 a day and all Y!A told them was that they need to learn the rules. If anyone disagrees with your answer or just doesn't like your name or whatever they can report you and without any verification to verify that the report was valid, they just delete accounts, no humans involved. They don't care. Read the forum. They are actually accusing the people who are complaining about false account deletions of reporting themselves (why would I report myself and get my own account deleted?). They just do not care. It's all about advertising and the money for them. They don't care if Y!A is a successful site. I came here from there after reaching level 7 and almost 100,000 points and 3 years of hard work.
Go to the Y!A forum and read away. For over three years they have been mentioning the same problems and they still exist but are 100 times worse now. If you complain, they tell you that you are the ones who are getting your own account deleted/reporting yourself. Someone needs to shut them down or sue them or something.
So it seems as if Yahoo! and their customer service is second to none, especially when you consider that they are now even accusing members who appeal against deletion of reporting themselves. I wonder why they even bother giving members the option of writing an appeal if they don't even get read?"

Keep the emails coming at the usual address.

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