Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Credit cringe

You can't escape the new buzzword. Everything, even berry picking, is about the credit crunch, along with 'economic woe', 'slump', 'crisis' and the rest.

"Beans are back in fashion as the credit crisis bites". "Baked beans sales have risen by 12% last year as the economy plumbs".
(The Telegraph, 3 Sep 2008)

"Economic woe equals Beanz Meanz Bargain"
(The Mirror, 3 Sep 2008)

"Put the bite on builders" - "Homing in on a crunch bargain"
(The Mirror, 3 Sep 2008)

"Hard-up owners putting down pets because can't afford vet bills"
(The Mirror, 4 Sep 2008)

"Credit Crunch cuisine"
(The Times, 2 Aug 2008)

"Run, rabbit, run" - "Our village is inundated with rabbits [...] At a time when grocery bills go higher each week we have a plentiful source of cheap fresh meat right on our doorstep - why do we not take advantage of it?"
(Letters, The Times, 2 Sep 2008)

"Credit crunch saver. Up to 70% off UK dental cost"
(advert, The Express, 4 Sep 2008)

"Carrot farmers beat the crunch"
(The Express, 4 Sep 2008)

"Is the credit squeeze making us buy cheap and sometimes cheerless frozen food?"
(The Guardian, 21 Aug 2008)

"Stay-at-home bank holiday as the credit crisis bites"
(The Telegraph, 21 Aug 2008)

"Credit crunch takes a bite out of people's health"
(The Telegraph, 7 Sep 2008)

"A bride has beaten the credit crunch by buying her dream wedding dress for just 5p on eBay"
(Daily Mail, 2 Sep 2008)

"Goals scores despite credit crunch"
(Daily Mail, 2 Sep 2008)

"Wildlife watchers are reporting a sharp decline in blackberry picking even though the current economic climate makes it the perfect time to plunder nature's store cupboard"
(Daily Mail, 2 Sep 2008)

"Darling, it's crunch time"
(The Sun, 4 Sep 2008)

"White goods such as fridges have been hit by the housing slowdown"
(The Sun, 4 Sep 2008)


Socialist Sam said...

Far from sticking up for the hacks, but my sides are hardly splitting when the news is about poverty and people struggling to make ands meet.

claude said...

well, sorry to offend your sensibility, sam. But what I was trying to do here is to show how how anything, even the most serious stuff, is automatically snatched by tabloids and papers and churned out to talk about shit.

It just becomes another buzzword to be used for lazy headlines and it's, frankly, ridiculous.

They talk about the "credit crunch" as if it was another hurricane gustav, whereas a lot could be said about its origin.

Ceri said...

Restaurant near where I work advertising lunch time offers, guess what they are called...'credit munch'...

Anonymous said...

credit munch. unbelievable.