Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hyenas of the world

Stealing in "good faith"? Welcome to the News of the World

Can someone close down the News of the World, please? Or at least re-badge it Hyenas of the World. As the paper was forced to apologise for publishing Kate McCann's diaries without permission, check out their slow-witted, twatty response: "We published the extracts in the belief held in good faith that we had Kate's permission to do so".

I know, you have to read it to believe it. This is the link.

At which point you wonder if car thieves should try it too. Nick a car, drive around for miles and, once pulled up by the police, just mumble the bizarre: "I took the car in the belief held in good faith that we had the owner's permission to do so". Then see what happens.

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star of bethlehem said...

Wasn't the Express also forced to apologise to the McCanns? That wasn't long ago either. What's going on?
You get the impression some papers are after an easy buck even if it means capitalising on a missing child. That's not on.