Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Littlejohn on de Menezes

The Daily Mail columnist keeps secreting spite.

As the inquest over the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in July 2005 continues, one of the most beef-witted commentators in England, Richard Littlejohn, goes on with his secretion of spite and poppycock (in equal doses) through his Daily Mail column. "Jean-Charles de Menezes was in the wrong place at the wrong time", he rules, "Let's leave it at that. Turning this into a cause celebre does no one any favours, except for the usual Trots and trouble-makers". Unusual for Littlejohn, he then elaborates beyond name calling: "I have always been of the opinion that this was a tragic mistake, no more. Try putting yourselves in the minds of those officers who believed they were tailing another suicide bomber in the wake of the July 7 attacks".

But if Littlejohn's brain wasn't so hazed by his own delirious immigration-mania, instead of pontificating he would ask himself this simple question: if the police were convinced, however mistakenly, that Menezes was a suicide-bomber (which is fair enough), why did they wait until he walked into the underground station, not to mention all the way downstairs to the platform -hence taking a massive, unnecessary risk? Why didn't they stop him in the street, on his way from home to the tube? It's that simple, but not for Littlejohn.


the patriot said...

You really are talking out of your arse.

So it's alright then if the police shot him in the street, is it what you're saying?

The officers were just keeping him under surveillance and how could they have known Stockwell station is where he was headed???

The Met got so much stick over this issue.

People have lost the sight of what the picture was like in those days.

May I also remind you De Menezes was in this country ILLEGALY

claude said...

This is a classic example of the harvest ignorance can reap. Certain people base their view on hearsay; they conveniently select bits and bobs they may have read or overheard; they choose to believe what the masters spread; and then they play "opinionated".

The de Menezes fiasco revealed a tale of deep police incompetence, as well as dishonesty and failure to effectively protect the general public. Plus the minor quibble that a totally innocent man was killed.

Fact no.1
The police followed de Menezes for 5 mins as he walked to a bus stop first. He then boarded the no.2 bus along with several plainclothed officers. He got off at Brixton but as he saw the station was closed, he reboarded the bus. He finally got off at Stockwell station. He was followed throughout. They knew he was trying to board a train. It was certainly their best bet.
But the thing is: they followed him for AGES, they had an excellent chance to confront his face and features with the photos of the suicide bombers. One officer allegedly radioed the information "He's got mongolian eyes"...these are the people who should protect the country. They had AGES and MILES to confront him. Any confrontation in the enclosed space of an underground is simply MUCH riskier for the general public. If you can't fathom this simple fact then shame on you.

Fact no.2
THE fact that police initially issued a statement saying they challenged him OUTSIDE Stockwell station, to me, is the most obvious indication that they later figured was the correct thing to do. Except that they didn't do it and can't explain why.

Fact no.3
The police or whoever is in charge of their PR, lied shamelessly.
First off, they first released a statement that said de Menezes didn't pay for his fare and jumped the barrier and rushed all the way down to the platform. CCTV footage later confirmed it was all a total fabrication as the suspect used his Oyster card and didn't run at all until the last second when he actually boarded the train.

In order to confuse the public and cover their tracks, the police also initially stated de Menezes was wearing suspiciously bulky clothes and some rumours also indicated he was carrying something that looked like a 'toolbox'. Again, all lies, as it turned out. The guy was simply wearing light clothes, denim, and was carrying no bags or toolbox.
Doesn't it make you at least a touch suspicious that they lied? Why would they do that?

Fact no.4
No, people havent forgotten the ugly atmosphere of July 2005. I understand completely the pressure police and other forces were under, as well as the general public. But the general public also has the right not to be wilfully lied to by the police, especially when everybody's safety is at stake. A blunder like the de Menezes' one could happen again. Not to mention that it makes me feel really uncomfortbale that police at the highest level can so blatantly lie about crucial details.

Fact no.5
De Menezes first arrived in the country illegaly. But it's a convenient myth that it was still the case in July 2005. By that time, in fact, he had regularised his position, hence he was NO LONGER in Britain illegaly.

For all the facts, check out the wikipedia page -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Charles_de_Menezes#Pursuit_and_shooting