Monday, September 29, 2008

God Save the Subjects

The latest from the credit crunch: the Queen may not yet be able to get a new private jet.

Last week's Royal request for cash didn't go down well. Aside from a Telegraph editorial and very few others, even The Sun turned against poor old frugal Queen Elizabeth II with the revelation that her Majesty is planning to splash out £7 million on a new private jet with "luxury touches expected to include reclining seats embroidered with the royal crest". More surprising, Katie Nicholl in yesterday's Daily Mail also didn't seem at ease with the contradiction between a million-pleading Royal family and the news that Prince Charles is planning not one but two lavish birthday bashes for his 60th.

But the best, and most explicit, analysis of this latest royal pisstake has so far been Joan Smith's in the Independent. Pointing out the government's recent stance against "unacceptable" pay demands at a time of deep financial turmoil, Joan Smith wrote that "[A]mazingly, though, that is exactly what one group of public service workers has been doing", adding that: "The culprits belong to a single family, whose annual consumption of public funds has risen by £12m since 2002 to an astonishing £40m. If these people lived in a council house, they'd never be off the front page of the Daily Mail, where they'd be excoriated as the kind of scroungers who are ruining the country". As you read on, you learn that, only last year, Prince Andrew's travel bill neared £800,000 and Prince Charles' cruise to the Caribbean £210,000.


Anonymous said...

this is so obvious. another marxist site taking it out on the Windsors. Wake me up when you kot are done.

Emma said...

'Taking it out on the Windsors'?

The only thing that's being 'taken' is the excessive amounts of money being drained out of good tax paying people to fund these rotten, greedy parasites.

I would like to know in detail what exactly is Marxist about this blog. The fact that we aren't Royalist?